Why CTE?

Career & Technical Education (CTE) guides learners to harness their passions, prepare for life after high school, and connect to the continuously-changing world of work. In Washington, DC, CTE meets the needs of learners and industries by combining academics and high-quality, real-world experiences. DC CTE students design their pathway to success in a career of choice. In the Programs of Study we offer, students gain hands-on knowledge and skills, participate in internships and mentorships, and earn college credit or professional certifications. Our students are often more involved in their coursework and, on average, increase their entry-wage earning potential by 7% for each advanced CTE course completed.

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About DC CTE

At the State Office of Career and Technical Education (DC CTE), we believe the goal of K–12 education is to engage learners in knowledge, skills, and experiences that will prepare them for success in life and their careers after graduation. K–12 students should be connected to opportunities to explore interests and passions as they learn in order to build an exciting and relevant pathway to life after graduation.

It is our mission to provide opportunities for students to learn ideas and skills that interest them and create the foundation to fulfilling career paths. We meet the evolving needs of learners and economic industries by providing cutting-edge coursework and high-quality, hands-on experiences that allow learners to explore career pathways and gain skills to achieve success in a career of their choice.

DC CTE works to make the District of Columbia a national leader in Career and Technical Education (CTE) by supporting and partnering with local public and public charter schools to implement high-quality CTE programs. We provide: program design, course standards, monitoring and evaluation tools, and professional development opportunities for local schools and educators. Our work is supported by federal funding known as the “Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century” Act, or Perkins V for short.

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About OSSE

DC CTE works within the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE)’s Division of Postsecondary and Career Education. As DC’s state education agency, OSSE works urgently and purposefully, in partnership with education and related systems, to sustain, accelerate, and deepen progress for DC students. OSSE’s mission is to close the achievement gap and ensure people of all ages and backgrounds are prepared to succeed in school and in life.

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