What is FBLA?

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is the high school division of Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, Inc. FBLA helps high school students prepare for careers in business through academic competitions, leadership development, and educational programs. The FBLA high school experience provides members with exposure to multiple career pathways, opportunities to see the business cycle in many different sectors and industries, and opportunities to learn transferable skills.

Why Participate in FBLA?

  • Local and national networking and travel opportunities
  • Technical skills and leadership development
  • Community service opportunities
  • Awards and scholarships
  • Connecting with like-minded individuals

State advisor

Carletta Hurt, carletta.hurt@k12.dc.gov


  • National Fall Leadership Conference, November 10-11, 2023, Providence, RI
  • DC CTSO Fall Leadership Conference, October 2023, Washington, DC
  • DC CTSO State Leadership Conference, March 2024, Washington, DC
  • National Leadership Conference, June 29–July 2, 2024, Orlando, FL

Annual Dues

  • $20, due November 30

Contact your campus advisor or CTE office to get involved!



Competitive Events


Campus Advisor Information

Columbia Heights High School

  • Thomas Hearn, thomas.hearn@k12.dc.gov

Friendship Collegiate Public Charter School

  • Tashik Faru, tfaruq@friendshipschools.com

H.D. Woodson High School

  • Latara Thompson-Meyers, latara.thompson-meyers@k12.dc.gov

Jackson Reed High School

  • Deirdria Ward, deirdia.ward@k12.dc.gov

Maya Angelou Public School

  • Akoshia Yoba, ayoba@seeforever.org

Roosevelt S.T.A.Y. Opportunity Academy

  • Carletta Hurt carletta.hurt@k12.dc.gov

School Without Walls High School

  • Kristan Kelly, kristan.kelly@k12.dc.gov

2023 State Competition Winners

Business Communication

  • Jackson Reed High School – William Wales (1st)

Business Law

  • Jackson Reed High School – Payton Holmes (1st)

Computer Application

  • Jackson Reed High School – Xavier Drumming (1st)


  • Jackson Reed High School – Cristian Rodriguez (1st)

Introduction to Financial Math

  • Jackson Reed High School – Teamer Hailu (1st)

Job Interview

  • Friendship Collegiate Public Charter School – Tanai Green (1st)
  • Friendship Collegiate Public Charter School – Shirlon West (2nd)
  • Friendship Collegiate Public Charter School – Amenah Kitchen (3rd)


  • Jackson Reed High School – Flynn Sullivan (1st)

Parliamentary Procedure

  • Friendship Collegiate Public Charter School – Jayden Lee; Michelea Starke; Shirlon West; Amenah Kitchen; Jaylin Tyree (1st)

Personal Finance

  • Jackson Reed High School – Paige Fogle (1st)
  • Jackson Reed High School – John Mayberry (2nd)

Public Speaking

  • Friendship Collegiate Public Charter School – Zakkiyah Brown (1st)

Contact your campus advisor or CTE office to get involved!