What is SkillsUSA?

SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers, and industry professionals working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA empowers its members to become world-class workers, leaders, and responsible American citizens. Members have opportunities to develop personal, workplace and technical skills grounded in academics with the goal of achieving career success.

Why Participate in SkillsUSA?

  • Local and national networking and travel opportunities
  • Technical skills and leadership development
  • Community service opportunities
  • Awards and scholarships
  • Connecting with like-minded individuals who want to become working professionals

State advisor

Carleather Ponder, carleather.ponder@k12.dc.gov


  • Washington Leadership Training Institute, September 23–27, 2023, Washington, DC
  • DC CTSO Fall Leadership Conference, October 2023, Washington, DC
  • DC CTSO State Leadership Conference, March 2024, Washington, DC
  • National leadership and Skills Conference, June 24–28, 2024, Atlanta, GA

Annual Dues

  • $20, due November 30

Contact your campus advisor or CTE office to get involved!



Competitive Events


Campus Advisor Information

Anacostia High School

  • Angela Benjamin, angela.benjamin@k12.dc.gov
  • Jillian Blair, jillian.blair@k12.dc.gov

Ballou High School

  • Anthony Taylor, anthony.taylor@k12.dc.gov

Coolidge High School

  • Zakiya Edens, zakiya.edens@k12.dc.gov

Friendship Public Charter School (Online)

  • Maribel Hernandez Drost, mhernandezdrost@k12.com

Maya Angelou PCS

  • Valentine Davies, vdavies@seeforever.org

River Terrace High School

  • Cynthia Privott-Henson, cynthia.privott-henson@k12.dc.gov

Roosevelt High Schoo

  • Barry Hartley, barry.hartley@k12.dc.gov
  • James Wiggins, james.wiggins@k12.dc.gov
  • Julian Hipkins, julian.hipkins@k12.dc.gov

Roosevelt S.T.A.Y. Opportunity Academy

  • Luis Falquez, luis.falquez@k12.dc.gov
  • Tiescheka Stuart, tiescheka.stuart@k12.dc.gov

2023 State Competition Winners

Audio/Radio Production

  • Coolidge High School – Kaleb Bland; Joy Palmer (1st)
  • Coolidge High School – K.Chanel Harrison; Gio  Burrell (2nd)
  • Coolidge High School – Tommy Jones; Natalie Montoya (3rd)

Baking and Pastry Arts

  • Roosevelt High School – Deanna Mozee (1st)
  • Roosevelt High School – Emma Chavez Carballo (2nd)

Culinary Arts

  • Roosevelt High School – Mohamed Turay Jr. (1st)
  • Roosevelt High School – Isaiah Minder IV (2nd)
  • Roosevelt High School – Angel Pineda Fuentes (3rd)

Customer Service

  • Roosevelt High School – Ariel Becanty-Koome (1st)
  • Roosevelt High School – Mikayla Brown-Woodbury (2nd)


  • Roosevelt S.T.A.Y. Opportunity Academy – Ariel Becanty Koume; Kao Pazinam; Steve Sekapin Mbouze; Anthony Thomas (1st)
  • Roosevelt S.T.A.Y. Opportunity Academy – Zachary Jordan; Troy Lampkin Jr.; Aniyah Martin; Gregory Williams (2nd)

Employment Application Process

  • Roosevelt S.T.A.Y. Opportunity Academy – Troy Lampkin Jr.; Kao Pazinam


  • Roosevelt High School – Cassandra Zelaya Torres (1st)
  • Roosevelt S.T.A.Y. Opportunity Academy – Troy Lampkin Jr. (2nd)
  • Roosevelt High School – Kalyn Howard (3rd)

Job Interview

  • Roosevelt S.T.A.Y. Opportunity Academy – Steve Sekapin Mbouze (1st)
  • Roosevelt S.T.A.Y. Opportunity Academy – Aniyah Martin (2nd)


  • Coolidge High School – Tommy Jones (1st)
  • Coolidge High School – Keiree James (2nd)
  • Coolidge High School – K.Chanel Harrison (3rd)

Prepared Speech

  • Roosevelt S.T.A.Y. Opportunity Academy – Malachi McKnight (1st)
  • Roosevelt S.T.A.Y. Opportunity Academy – Gregory Williams (2nd)

Restaurant Service

  • Roosevelt High School – Willy Gutierrez-Gomez (1st)
  • Roosevelt High School – Jewel Brown (2nd)
  • Roosevelt High School – Anaya Bundu (3rd)

Contact your campus advisor or CTE office to get involved!